Good to be back!

After a few weeks of vacation between the summer semester and fall semester, I am excited to be back at the Preservation Society! I will be continuing my project from the summer, focusing more on the online exhibit about the adaptive reuse of the Horace Williams House, as well as continuing to digitize photographs as they are found. The photographic collection grew a bit at the end of the summer as the archival interns found new materials, so I will be continuing to add those photos to the digital collection.

I am most excited about the online exhibit, which will cover the main uses of the Horace Williams House as a place for art exhibits, historical exhibits, and community events. I am in the process of gathering information to go along with the photographs I’ve become familiar with that cover these aspects of the house. The exhibit will go along with the 40th Anniversary Celebration going on from September through the end of the year.

I will share the exhibit under my projects when it is ready to be unveiled! I look forward to another great semester with the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill.

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