Adaptive Reuse

The online exhibit about the adaptive reuse of the Horace Williams House is coming along very well so far. Most of my originally planned concepts have been uploaded including content about the art and historic exhibits that have taken place at the Horace Williams House as well as the community events that have been held there.

Additionally, I am in the process of expanding the exhibit by incorporating other ways in which the house has been adapted for various uses such as the music program and educational programming. I will be adding photos and documents related to these two aspects of the house’s use as well as more primary source documents for all of the uses of the house. I aim to make the exhibit multidimensional by using photographs, documents, and links to other content so that viewers can learn about the house and its importance for the Preservation Society in a variety of ways. Lately, I have been looking through the archival materials here at the Horace Williams House to find documents to use in the exhibit. I enjoy looking through the old newspaper clippings.

In addition to working on the exhibit, I have continued to scan the few remaining photos from the collection and will catalog them and put them on the discs with the rest from the summer.

I can’t wait to share the finished project of the exhibit. It will be done in time for the 40th Anniversary Art Retrospective in November!

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