Third Time’s a Charm!

Happy New Year! It’s a new year and semester! I am a week into my third semester at Preservation Chapel Hill (formerly known as the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill). I am excited to finally carry out the oral history projects I spent time planning last semester. My first project is to interview a man who lived in the Hogan-Rogers House, a home that is in danger of being demolished. I hope to set up an appointment to finally record the full interview with him as soon as possible. My second project is to find members of the community to speak with about Clelue Johnson, an African-American woman who worked here in the historic house used by Preservation Chapel Hill as Horace William’s housekeeper.

So far, both projects are still in the beginning stages. I have finally found reliable audio recording equipment, but am still trying to set up an appointment with the Hogan-Rogers House resident. I have begun the second project by contacting Hudson Vaughan, Associate Director of the Marian Cheek Jackson Center for Saving and Making History. He was a huge help in directing me toward future contacts for the project about Clelue Johnson.

I also have gone through the research done by past intern, Sarah Thead, about Clelue Johnson. This research directed me towards a few possible leads on relatives or friends of Clelue that might be available for interviewing, possibly including members of the First Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, which Clelue attended.

From here, I am excited to go forward making contacts and moving forward with the actual interviews!

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