When I’m not at PCH…

I thought that for this post I might share a few updates about my life related to public history, but not directly related to my internship at Preservation Chapel Hill. As a senior history major, I’ve, of course, been planning my future–I spent a great deal of time last semester planning and applying for graduate school in public history. This semester, I am finally hearing back from programs. So far, I’ve been accepted to American University’s MA in History, public history concentration and University of South Carolina’s MA in Public History, museum track. I am now a mixture of excitement and nerves as I think and start to decide where I will continue my life in public history after graduation. I am grateful for my internships, especially at PCH, for helping me to realize my goals for working in the field. I am also grateful for the mentor in Cheri Szcodronski, the Executive Director of Preservation Chapel Hill, for helping with the process!

Another way that I’ve been engaging with history and the public this semester has been through UNC’s history club. I am heading up the club this semester and we held our first meeting at the Horace Williams House (PCH headquarters) on February 18th. Turnout was better than hoped for and members have been very responsive to ideas for later events. This first meeting was a general interest meeting, but included a discussion by Cheri Szcodronski of historic preservation and the internship program at PCH. Later meetings will hopefully include a panel on what to do with the history major and a historically-based film screening (Lincoln, maybe!).

So, with my work at Preservation Chapel Hill, my regular coursework, and these extracurricular activities, I am constantly working with history–and I love every minute of it! Updates on my oral history and cemetery projects will be posted soon!

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