New Job

I am finishing up my first month of my new job as Assistant Archivist at the Tobacco Farm Life Museum. My volunteer work turned into a job on September 1st and the month has flown by. I volunteered with both the Tobacco Farm Life Museum and the Country Doctor Museum all the way up to September, continuing work on the projects mentioned in previous posts, including conservation work on the surrey at CDM and grant writing assistance at TFLM.

Now, I work on a wide variety of things at TFLM from grant writing to visitor services to volunteer management. I’ve been working on promoting the museum’s volunteer and intern programs in order to recruit new volunteers and interns. These efforts have definitely increased the museum’s visibility and the Museum has two new students working on projects with us! I also assist with event planning/fundraising, manage the online gift shop, research and write the history-oriented social media posts, help with scheduling, planning, and giving guided tours, manning booths at festivals and fairs as part of our outreach, and a myriad of other things as they arise. That is the benefit (and sometimes difficulty) of working in a museum with a small staff–doing a little bit of everything. It’s excellent experience and I love being kept on my toes. Having something new to do every day keeps the job exciting. It’s certainly never boring. I’m really enjoying interacting with the public, groups, and volunteers and students on a regular basis while also continuing to do things I already knew I loved such as research and writing through my work on grants and social media posts.

Since much of what I do concerns the daily operations and administration of the Museum, I will be posting less, reserving these posts for updates on specific projects or special issues in public history. My personal life has also been busier of late with a new puppy in the house and wedding planning in full swing, making it difficult to post more often.

For now, I will plug our special events coming up at the Tobacco Farm Life Museum. November 14th we are hosting our first ever BBQ Challenge in which 4 to 6 cooks will face off in the ultimate challenge to see who can cook the best whole hog–winner takes home a trophy and local bragging rights. All proceeds from the sale of the BBQ will support the museum’s mission. Family-friendly games and activities as well as live music will also be on-site.

December 8th we will host our Candlelight Tour, offering a night-time, candlelight tour of the Museum and its historic buildings. More details to come!

Check the museum out online, on Facebook, or in person–come and see me!

Published by Beth Bullock Nevarez

I am a historical consultant, offering research, collections care, and outreach services to museums, businesses, and other organizations. I graduated with a Master's Degree in public history from UNC Wilmington in 2015. I am also an alumna of UNC-Chapel Hill, where I majored in History with a concentration in American History and minored in Archaeology and Spanish. I write about all things history including my work in the field and all things relating to presenting the past to a public audience. I also love coffee, baking, books, sitcoms, and 90's rom-coms. I live in my native eastern North Carolina with my husband and our dog Dia.

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