On blogging, or not blogging, and starting over. Again.

I’ve not been a very good blogger lately. I could list several excuses about why I haven’t had the time, but the truth is a lack of motivation because I hadn’t found a topic that really inspired me. I think this may be owing to the fact that in the past I’ve kept this strictly professional, reporting on my projects, academics, and professional experience. In my current position, there just isn’t as much that I can write about owing to the collection being private, many of my tasks and projects being repetitive, etc.

In an effort to give myself a broader source of inspiration for writing, I’ve decided to blend the personal and the professional and write about a broader spectrum of things, while maintaining an inquisitive, historically-minded flair. For example…

Personally, lately, I’ve taken an interest in baking and trying to improve my skill. I enjoy baking, not cooking, as a therapeutic release, a hobby that leads to a tangible (and edible) finished product that I can share (or not 🙂 ) with others. While I enjoy baking, the act of doing so coupled with certain reactions I’ve received from sharing my baking on social media have led me to questions about the history of baking as a gendered activity, one done by women. I plan to investigate the history of baking at home as it relates to women and gender roles. Look out for a post on this soon.

My husband and I also spend a lot of our free time with our dog, Dia. As we are currently childless, we are in a position to give her a lot of attention and travel with her, take her on hikes, to the dog park, etc. As such my historically-minded brain has wandered into questions of how pet ownership has changed over time and the history of domestic pets. These questions haven’t fully formed yet, but look out for more on this in the future as well.

Basically, I’d like to start exploring questions related to what is happening in the world around me or that I come across in my hobbies.

I haven’t read as much since graduate school as I thought I would. During the busy academic years of college and grad school I missed leisurely reading and couldn’t wait till I had the time again, but I just haven’t gotten back into it like I thought I would. I’ve read a book here and there, but not nearly as quickly as I used to tear through them. In an effort to read more, I’m making a list of the books I plan to read this year and in an attempt at holding myself accountable will post it. I will then write reviews of each one as I read them. As many are historical fiction, I will also explore how true to the historical record they hold.

Overall, this platform will take on a more personal flair, with my life and interests leading the historical line of questioning; however, I aim to research and discuss these topics with my academic background and professional historical standards. I will pose questions, perhaps more than I answer, but I will search for answers or at least to open dialogue. I hope this blog shows how history impacts our daily lives in a myriad of ways, not just in big ways such as in the political realm, but also in small ways, such as baking traditions, books, & how we treat our pets.

This new direction will be an exercise in historical thought, research, and writing on a personal level. I may throw in a recipe here and there and updates on the baking techniques I’m working on among the historical posts and book reviews. As well as perhaps some pictures of my dog. 🙂

Thanks for reading–feel free to follow along, comment, or make suggestions. First post for this new direction to come later this week!

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