Adventures in Exhibition

My final update about my experiences in my second semester of grad school is about the exhibit produced through my course on Museum Exhibition. The exhibit was easily the most challenging and work-intensive project this semester, but it was also the most rewarding. I learned so much about exhibit planning, designing, fabrication, and installation andContinue reading “Adventures in Exhibition”

Endings and Beginnings

Yesterday was the last official day of my spring internship at the Historic Wilmington Foundation. Even though I had worked at a preservation non-profit before, this experience allowed me to see how another, slightly larger organization operates. HWF has a staff of 4, which includes a part-time accountant. However, they have a large membership base andContinue reading “Endings and Beginnings”

Spring Excursions

Since my last update, I have attended the North Carolina Museums Council Annual Conference, visited Charleston and Savannah with my house museums class, continued working at my internship with the Historic Wilmington Foundation, and nearly completed the exhibit for the Volga to Cape Fear Project. Needless to say, April has been extremely busy. So oneContinue reading “Spring Excursions”

Interpretive Plans, Home Tours, Newsletters, and Social Justice

The semester is flying by! The Volga to Cape Fear project has moved along smoothly and we now have an official title for the exhibit. Push and Pull: Eastern European and Russian Migration to the Cape Fear Region will open April 29th in Randall Library’s gallery. Our interpretive plans have been turned in and sent to ourContinue reading “Interpretive Plans, Home Tours, Newsletters, and Social Justice”

Exhibition, Interpretation, Preservation

My second semester of graduate school is in full swing (except for being on a snow hiatus today and tomorrow) and it is going to be a busy semester. The three words above (Exhibition, Interpretation, and Preservation) sum up the major topics I am learning about this semester. I am taking two courses: Museum ExhibitionContinue reading “Exhibition, Interpretation, Preservation”

The ‘Stuff’ of History

The Volga to Cape Fear Project has continued fairly smoothly since my last post. I have conducted two out of three oral history interviews, received several objects on loan for the exhibit that will go up in the spring, and am in the process of researching and writing the loan recommendation that will tie togetherContinue reading “The ‘Stuff’ of History”

New beginnings

Since my last post I have moved to Wilmington, NC and have started graduate school at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. In two years time I will have a Master’s degree in history with a concentration in public history. Over the last couple of months I have adjusted to living in the city ofContinue reading “New beginnings”