End of an Era

Graduation is approaching and it’s time to reflect not only on my projects this semester but on my time at Preservation Chapel Hill in general. Having been here for nearly a year, I can see how I’ve learned and grown as a public historian. This semester alone, I took on several new projects, learning newContinue reading “End of an Era”

Interviews, cemeteries, and fundraisers.. oh my!

March was an incredibly busy month. Between conducting two oral history interviews for PCH, continuing work on the cemetery project, traveling over spring break, visiting graduate schools, and planning and executing our intern fundraiser as part of Women’s History Month, I’ve been busy both at PCH and otherwise. I am excited to say that IContinue reading “Interviews, cemeteries, and fundraisers.. oh my!”

When I’m not at PCH…

I thought that for this post I might share a few updates about my life related to public history, but not directly related to my internship at Preservation Chapel Hill. As a senior history major, I’ve, of course, been planning my future–I spent a great deal of time last semester planning and applying for graduateContinue reading “When I’m not at PCH…”

Moving forward, looking back

So far this semester, my work on the two oral history projects has moved forward slowly, yet steadily. I got back in touch with Derrick Jones, the Hogan Rogers House resident and hope to be recording that interview very soon! Also, I’ve met and talked with several members of the community who knew Clelue Johnson.Continue reading “Moving forward, looking back”

Third Time’s a Charm!

Happy New Year! It’s a new year and semester! I am a week into my third semester at Preservation Chapel Hill (formerly known as the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill). I am excited to finally carry out the oral history projects I spent time planning last semester. My first project is to interview a manContinue reading “Third Time’s a Charm!”

Fall Reflections

The semester is winding down and the fall internships are wrapping up. However, this is not the end of my time with the Preservation Society! I will be returning in the spring semester to carry out a couple of oral history projects, including the one I began this semester. Since the completion of the onlineContinue reading “Fall Reflections”

Official Unveiling and Next Project

As I posted previously, the online exhibit I’ve been working on is completed. You can view it yourself here: preservation40.com, but tonight Ben and I are officially unveiling the online exhibit at the Preservation Society’s Annual Membership Meeting. We will be discussing what the exhibit covers as well as why it’s important in the celebrationContinue reading “Official Unveiling and Next Project”

Updates and potential new project!

First of all, the 40th Anniversary online exhibit is looking good and is ready enough to be viewed! To check it out for yourself click here: preservation40.com. Please feel free to let me know what you like, dislike or think could be improved or expanded upon. Public history is all about connecting with the publicContinue reading “Updates and potential new project!”

Adaptive Reuse

The online exhibit about the adaptive reuse of the Horace Williams House is coming along very well so far. Most of my originally planned concepts have been uploaded including content about the art and historic exhibits that have taken place at the Horace Williams House as well as the community events that have been heldContinue reading “Adaptive Reuse”

More than a House

So far this semester I have been working on the exhibit about the Horace Williams House for the 40th Anniversary Celebration alongside fellow intern Ben. My part of the exhibit will showcase the adaptive reuse of the Horace Williams House through its use for art exhibits, historic exhibits, and community events. After some initial difficultyContinue reading “More than a House”