Digital Projects


Virtual Tour of the Oliver Nestus Freeman Round House & African American Museum

I adapted four of the museum’s exhibits into a digital format in order to create a virtual tour of the museum. The virtual exhibits use images, artifacts, and text from the exhibits, edited and arranged best for online viewing, as well as clips from oral history interviews usually available through a kiosk at the museum. The clips are worked into the virtual exhibits’ narratives. I also developed an outreach plan, drafting a press release, social media posts, and working to share the exhibits with the local school system as a digital resource for social studies teachers. The exhibits are available on the museum’s website under Virtual Tour.

“Ava’s Life Changed Forever: Pandora and the Flying Dutchman” virtual exhibit for the Ava Gardner Museum, 2020.

Curated this virtual exhibit by adapting the physical exhibit to be a webpage available to those who cannot physically visit the museum at this time. The flow and copy is largely the same with enlargeable images of artifacts and links to more resources and information. The virtual exhibit is available via the museum’s online gift shop.

Gary Player Archives Tumblr Blog

During my time as the archivist for the Gary Player Group, I curated a blog with short posts and interesting finds from the Black Knight Archives. The page is available here.