“Forged in Fire: Rural Blacksmiths” at the Tobacco Farm Life Museum, 2019

“Celebrating Honors College: 50/20 Years” at UNCW Randall Library, University Archives, 2015

Designed in collaboration between University Archives and Honors College, I researched, selected objects, and wrote labels for the exhibit, which celebrated two anniversaries of the honors program at UNCW. I wrote a blog post about the exhibit for the Archives blog. 

“Push and Pull: Russian and Eastern European Migration to the Cape Fear Region” at UNCW Randall Library and Pender County Public Library, 2014

An exhibit mockup, created for a course. The exhibit plan determines themes, text, artifacts, and images that could be used to tell the story of resistance during the Holocaust and is centered on the testimony of one survivor. Using her memories and specific life story, I placed her experiences in the context of resistance more generally. View the mock up exhibit here: Like Sheep? Hope vs. Resistance in the Ghetto (opens as a PowerPoint file).

Online Resources


The Big Three Website, Gary Player Group

Ian Player Website, Gary Player Group

The Ian Player is an online resource with information regarding Dr. Ian Player and his career in environmental conservation. Website uses archives to connect Ian Player’s career with work of the Player Indaba Foundation, one of the entities under the Gary Player Group umbrealla. Website content draws on the Ian Player Archives, including images, audio, and documents. Content creation – wrote copy, curated photos and placed on WordPress site. Website available at www.ianplayer.com.

Research & Writing


“Poverty Amidst Wealth: Women’s History in the Collections, Exhibits, and Future of the Cape Fear Museum”

Research on women-owned businesses in the City Directories of Wilmington. My Master’s thesis explores the interpretation of women’s history in museums via case study and is available here.

“Conquest, Conversion, and Concubines”

Hernán Cortés and La Malinche meet Moctezuma II in Tenochtitlan, November 8, 1519. Facsimile (c. 1890) of Lienzo de Tlaxcala. My research paper centers on the story of La Malinche, the woman who translated for Hernan Cortes in the conquest of Mexico and is about the intersection between race, religion, and gender in the Spanish conquest of Mexico. You can read the paper here.

Blogs & Articles

The Birthday Girl in Her Own Words,” Ava Gardner Museum Blog

Photo: Ava Gardner Museum
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‘A gloomy film, but Ava at her best:’ The 60th Anniversary of “On the Beach,”” Ava Gardner Museum Blog

Photo: Ava Gardner Museum
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National Museum of African American History & Culture,” Mainly Museums

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Ava’s Holiday Cheeseball Recipe,” Ava Gardner Museum Blog

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Ford’s Theater Historic Site,” Mainly Museums

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The Ava Gardner Museum’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide,” Ava Gardner Museum Blog

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Visitor Evaluation

Still Standing Visitor Evaluation Report

The Still Standing project began with visitor evaluation and culminated in an exhibit on the history and preservation of slave dwellings. I worked with a team to compile visitor data from surveys conducted at the Bellamy Mansion Museum and focus groups conducted with a variety of interest groups. The amassed data was used to write a visitor evaluation report with recommendations for important themes and topics to be addressed in the exhibit. View my report here: Still Standing Visitor Evaluation Report