For Individuals and Families

Always wondered where your family comes from or what your ancestry is? Or do you have an attic full of family heirlooms, photographs, and letters, but not sure where to start to manage or preserve them? Or do you want to preserve your grandparents’ stories for your own children?

I can help you chart your family history through:

-Genealogy- research your family tree, research the places and time periods relevant to your family, and go back as many generations as possible, uncovering documents that tell your family’s story including birth and death dates, family relationships, marriages, occupations, residences and more.

-Family archives projects including sorting and preserving photographs, documents, and heirlooms such as baby clothing, heirloom jewelry, and other special items

-Oral history interviews that document your family members’ lives, experiences, and memories including background research to provide context about the historical events your loved ones lived through

Why study family history?

-Feel a connection to your ancestors and your past

-Better understand your ancestry and what medical, cultural, or social implications could exist (predispositions to certain diseases, or gain membership into cultural or social groups)

-Discover and preserve family heirlooms of value for your descendants