Gift Certificates

Give the gift of family memories.

For the person who has everything, give them the gift of preserving their most precious treasures – their family history and memories.

Gift certificates start at $50 and are available up to $200, to fit your budget and your loved one’s family history needs. For larger projects, price would need to be discussed. 

Certificates make excellent gifts for birthdays, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, or “just because.”

Gift Certificate Holders will receive special pricing and priority when scheduling projects. Examples of what your gift certificate can do for your loved one:


  • 1 professional oral history interview (audio recording plus transcription). Gift certificate holder can have one special person’s voice and stories recorded and preserved for years to come. Questions created in consultation with client, interview conducted, recorded, and transcribed by me. Interview not to exceed 45 minutes.
  • OR a $50 gift certificate can be the gateway to larger projects, getting your loved one started on a family history journey through genealogy or family archives. $50 would cover my services to assist your loved one with genealogy or setting up a family archive in the way of advice, answers to questions, and help getting started. This means I help your loved one do the project themselves by offering expert advice, tips and resources to make them more successful on their own and is the perfect gift for someone who wants to explore their family history themselves but just isn’t quite sure how to start or someone who has started but gotten stuck.
  • OR of course the gift certificate can be used towards the cost of a more detailed project such as those described below.


  • 2 oral history interviews (not to exceed 45 minutes)
  • OR basic archives set up of a small family collection of heirlooms and few photos (organization, storage, and description in consultation with the client)
  • OR Phase 1 of genealogical research – production of a simple family tree in consultation with the client, going back no more than 3 generations from client’s starting person. (Actual results will vary depending on sources.)


  • An oral history project consisting of 3-4 oral history interviews around a central theme. Audio recordings and transcription. Interviews not to exceed 45 minutes each.
  • OR basic archives set up of a small family collection including physical heirlooms and small photo collection (organization, storage, and description in consultation with client) plus digitization of images. (total price of project dependent on size of collection)
  • OR Phase 1-2 of a genealogical research project – simple family tree plus more generations, more details.

Feel free to contact me and discuss the specifics of your loved one’s interests and goals to find the perfect fit for them.

**All projects are unique and different and the specifics of what would be included for a gift certificate are dependent on size of collection and other variables. I can make no specific guarantees of family history research results as this depends on availability of records.

Gift certificates cover expense of my research and processing time & expertise, but do not include supplies needed for archives storage projects.

Gift certificate holders should contact me within one month of receiving certificate to schedule projects. Gift certificates expire six months from purchase. Projects do not have to be completed by then, but gift certificate holders must have contacted me and initiated projects by that time.

Payment methods:


Check: Make payable to Beth Nevarez.

Call for more details or payment help: 252-281-3564