Hello! I am Beth Nevarez. I am a public historian and museum professional. I have a Master’s degree in History with a concentration in Public History from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I received my bachelor’s degree in American History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. There I also minored in Archaeology and Spanish.

I have worked at a variety of historical organizations and institutions including the Tobacco Farm Life Museum, Independence National Historical Park, Preservation Chapel Hill, Historic Wilmington Foundation, Bellamy Mansion Museum, and University Archives at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Prior to starting my own consulting business I also worked in a corporate archives for nearly four years as a lead archivist, managing all aspects of a collection and working to activate it as part of the company’s media team. This was a valuable experience for learning more about collection outreach via social media and digital/web efforts.

I now offer my consulting services full-time in Eastern North Carolina. My current clients include the Tobacco Farm Life Museum, where I am inventorying the museum’s collection and working on collections outreach through exhibits, programming, and online resources; the Ava Gardner Museum, where I am cataloging and managing the collection and assisting with content creation and social media; the Ava Gardner Trust, for which I am completing transcription of audio files into text documents; the Freeman Round House and African American Museum, where I developed virtual exhibits and completed a museum inventory; and Design Dimension, Inc., a graphic design and fabrication firm with which I am teaming up on a number of museum exhibits by researching and writing exhibit text.

I enjoy researching a variety of historical topics, but I am especially interested in women’s history, the history of Latin America, immigration history, and material culture. I love connecting the past to the present and helping others to make personal connections to the past, especially through artifacts. I firmly believe in the importance of studying the past, of knowing where we’ve been so we can be better prepared to go forward. I believe history is the key to understanding the present and making a better future, be that on a local or national level, in a museum or in a corporate setting.

I live in Wilson, North Carolina with my husband and our dog Dia. When I’m not researching, writing or cataloging artifacts, I enjoy reading, baking, hiking, and visiting museums.

For more about my work see my Portfolio.


What People Say

Beth is an amazing student of history who has a way of bringing life and passion to her work. She has invested many hours into her professional talents and skills and is continually seeking ways to improve her work and the work of other historical organizations.

Melody Worthington, Executive Director, Tobacco Farm Life Museum

Beth has been working with our collection for a year and her knowledge of best practices for handling, preservation and collection management has been invaluable to us. Beth is multi-talented, she works in our archives-cataloging and inventorying our collection, helps in grant writing, assists with exhibit planning and helps write our blog, along with all the social media planning and implementing she does!

Lynell Seabold, Executive Director, Ava Gardner Museum

The Finding Aid is very helpful. Your whole process was very thorough and we accomplished my goal. Thanks again for your help! 

Chris Williford, President, SPC Mechanical

For the last several years, Beth Nevarez used her skills to comprehensively restructure and organize the archives of professional golfer, Gary Player and world renown conservationist, Ian Player. I enthusiastically recommend her services for consulting on collections, archives, oral history, exhibits and research.

Bo Wood, Director of Communications, Gary Player Group

Beth is a very pleasant lady who is easy to work with and professional in every way! Her skills are immeasurable and applied in the most precise ways. She is transcribing the autobiographical recordings of Ava Gardner. These transcriptions are extremely important and support many other projects. Beth has helped in many other ways as well. She does research for special projects and often develops and edits project material, and she is a great problem-solver. I feel very fortunate to have Beth on the Ava Gardner Trust team.

Ava Thompson, Trustee, Ava Gardner Trust

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