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Organize, preserve & share your collections. Expand outreach efforts. Make connections between past, present & your community.

Museums and cultural institutions can benefit from using a consultant for a variety of projects. I can help your organization accomplish small to large projects that perhaps your staff does not have time for in their daily duties.

With years of experience in museums, historic sites, and archives, and with a Master’s degree in public history, I have worked on a variety of projects and am familiar with the needs of small to medium-sized museums. My experience as part of a corporate media team in my role as archivist for the Gary Player Group also means I have experience in making collections accessible and relevant via today’s media platforms including web and social media.

One panel of an exhibit I researched, wrote, and conceptualized the design for. View more photos of this exhibit project on my Portfolio page.

I specialize in collections and outreach projects and can assist your museum with projects such as:

  • Archives & Collection Inventories
  • Preservation & Digitization
  • Exhibit Research, Planning & Installation
  • Social Media Planning & Content Creation
  • Visitor Evaluation Surveys
  • Tour & Exhibit Evaluation
  • Research and development of special programs, exhibits, or online resources, including blogs and web content
  • Oral history projects and transcription

I am currently working with the Ava Gardner Museum to inventory, catalog, digitize, and make more accessible the museum’s collection of artifacts related to the life and career of Hollywood legend Ava Gardner, while also providing research and content creation for the museum’s blog and social media platforms. My work with the Tobacco Farm Life Museum right now includes researching the collection and making use of it in the museum’s exhibits, website, and social media platforms, in order to share the history the museum preserves with a wider audience.

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