Beth Nevarez Historical Consulting

“History is not everything, but it is a starting point…” – John Henrik Clarke

History museums collect, preserve, and present artifacts in order to tell a story from our collective past. Businesses are increasingly drawing on their archives and histories in order to tell the story of their brand. Do you have a story to tell?

About Me

Historian & Media Professional

What makes me equipped to help both museums & businesses? A Master’s degree in history, specializing in public history, a background working in museums, historic sites, and archives, and years of experience in a corporate archives setting where I was an integral part of the media team. These experiences combine to make me well-suited for adapting traditional historical research for use in museum exhibits, but also to promote museums in today’s digital age. Also, my experience in a corporate setting means I understand how to help businesses use their past in order to tell their brand story via marketing and media.

What I Offer

Museum Consulting

  • Collections Care & Cataloging
  • Exhibit Research, Planning & Installation
  • Social Media Planning
  • Outreach, Programming & Promotions
  • Visitor Evaluation
  • Special Projects

Historical Consulting for Businesses

  • Anniversary Commemoration
  • Heritage Branding & Marketing
  • Social Media planning, digital archives, online exhibits and websites
  • Business Archives Management


Other Services

  • Digitization & Transcription
  • Oral History
  • Historical research on a broad range of topics


What People Say

Beth is an amazing student of history who has a way of bringing life and passion to her work. She has invested many hours into her professional talents and skills and is continually seeking ways to improve her work and the work of other historical organizations.

Melody Worthington, Executive Director, Tobacco Farm Life Museum

For the last several years, Beth Nevarez used her skills to comprehensively restructure and organize the archives of professional golfer, Gary Player and world renown conservationist, Ian Player. I enthusiastically recommend her services for consulting on collections, archives, oral history, exhibits and research.

Bo Wood, Director of Communications, Gary Player Group

Blog Content Examples

Recent Posts

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