Harness Your Company’s History

Preserve & share your story. Strengthen brand identity. Boost employee morale. Be a part of something bigger.

Harness your organization’s history to celebrate milestones or anniversaries, highlight values, celebrate company longevity, make use of heritage in marketing campaigns, or inspire new products. Preserving the past not only keeps legacies alive, it also strengthens brand identity, can improve employee recruitment and retention, and connects your company with its customers.

Company archives, histories & legacies make employees feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves and working for more than just a company. The brand story is a way to share values, and connect to the people behind the brand.

For the last several years, Beth Nevarez used her skills to comprehensively restructure and organize the archives of professional golfer, Gary Player and world renown conservationist, Ian Player. I enthusiastically recommend her services for consulting on collections, archives, oral history, exhibits and research.

Bo Wood, Director of Communications, Gary Player Group

Companies large and small and in many different industries are working to preserve their legacies by establishing corporate archives, telling their brand story, and sharing it with their clients, customers, and employees through exhibits, websites, blog posts, and social media. Wells Fargo uses its company history in its logo and design elements, including the recurring image of the horse drawn carriage. Actual carriages show up at community events sponsored by Wells Fargo, such as this Pride Festival in Spartanburg, SC. Photo by author.

The Finding Aid is very helpful. Your whole process was very thorough and we accomplished my goal. Thanks again for your help! 

Chris Williford, President, SPC Mechanical

I can help your company preserve and share your history by:

  • Researching company history for timelines, publications, or exhibits.
  • Establishing, organizing, maintaining, digitizing, and preserving company archives.
  • Conducting oral history interviews with founders, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Researching and creating content based on company history for blogs and social media.

Preserve Your Company’s Legacy

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