Ava in Costumes: Dressing the Part is a two-part exhibit at the Ava Gardner Museum that traces Ava’s career through a selection of costumes she wore in film and television roles. From early film appearances to those at the height of her popularity to those from the later years of her career, the exhibit uses the costumes to summarize the trajectory of Ava Gardner’s acting career, while also spotlighting the work of costume designers. I researched and wrote the exhibit content, developing the storyline and themes. I also selected supporting artifacts to accompany the costumes, which were selected with the museum’s staff and board members. I also prepared the costumes for exhibit, dressed and staged the mannequins and installed supporting artifacts. Exhibit panel design by Donna Bailey-Taylor; exhibit panel printing & installation: Magic Murals.

  • Ava Gardner Museum
  • Smithfield, NC
  • 2021

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