I curated this exhibit with the Ava Gardner Museum’s exhibit design committee. It features items loaned to the Museum by private collectors as well as some recent Museum acquisitions that haven’t been on display before. I compiled a list of items that had been acquired recently for inclusion. I also advised on best practices for display of items, processed all incoming loans, wrote item labels, and worked with the team to install the exhibit. The exhibit is located in the Museum’s library space; however, one special loaned item (the red dress Ava was photographed wearing by Man Ray for use in Pandora and the Flying Dutchman) was placed on exhibit within the existing film costume exhibit I also curated. The Collections Showcase exhibit was curated to open for the 2022 Ava Gardner Festival.

  • Ava Gardner Museum
  • Smithfield, NC
  • Exhibit Writing & Curation/Collections Management: Incoming Loans
  • 2022
  • Label designs by Donna Bailey-Taylor/printed by Magic Murals