This preliminary study written for the Historic Salisbury Foundation used a community survey, case study interviews, and house museum industry research, as well as targeted conversations with stakeholders in the community in order to compile recommendations for planning for the future of the Foundation’s historic house museum, the Hall House. The research was meant to help inform how to proceed with the Hall House Museum in order for the Foundation to accomplish its goals of increased visitation to the house museum, the development of a larger and more diverse audience, and increased community use and interest in the museum, all with the aim of increasing the museum’s financial sustainability. I devised and assisted with distributing an online community survey, interpreted the results, conducted case study interviews with house museum leaders and professionals, spoke with community stakeholders including local tourism professionals, descendants of the family who lived in the house, and business leaders, and researched house museum industry trends. The report outlines recommendations in several major areas including collections management, tour themes, research needs, development of exhibits, marketing and media outreach, and community outreach through outdoor signage and partnerships, among others. The HSF will use the report to devise a mission statement for the house and to make decisions regarding programming at the house museum going forward.

  • Historic Salisbury Foundation/Hall House Museum
  • Visitor Evaluation, Case Study Research, Preliminary Study
  • 2021-2022

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