15 Social Media Tips for Museums and Historic Sites

Now more than ever possibly digital engagement is necessary and important for museums of all sizes. I compiled the below tips before the corona virus pandemic, but they hold true even in these strange times. I know these are trying times, but I believe museums have a lot to offer the public now as alwaysContinue reading “15 Social Media Tips for Museums and Historic Sites”

Public Historian on Vacation: San Antonio Beyond the Alamo

Our first day in San Antonio included barbecue and a tour of the Alamo, but also a trip to a less traditional kind of museum, Barney Smith’s Toilet Seat Art Museum. Yes, toilet seat art. Barney Smith, a former plumber and volunteer firefighter turned artist has collected and decorated hundreds, maybe thousands, of toilet seats.Continue reading “Public Historian on Vacation: San Antonio Beyond the Alamo”

Transitions, Collections, and Rural History

Since my last post in mid-June, I have moved from Wilmington to my hometown of Wilson, North Carolina. I was working part-time in Wilmington as the Archivist at the Bellamy Mansion Museum where I was organizing the museum’s institutional archives and accessioning and cataloging new artifact acquisitions. As much as I loved that work, practicalContinue reading “Transitions, Collections, and Rural History”